Deploy To Heroku Using Bitbucket Pipeline(Spring Boot Apps)

I am just trying to get my hands dirty on developing Spring Boot and deploy that to Free Dyno for Heroku.

I found that guide giving for bitbucket pipeline is for npm based system. Refer Deploy to Heroku. So here are the things that I tried for bitbucket pipeline to run Spring Boot with proper maven lifecycle which packages uber jar and then customise setting of pipeline which you can run on any commit for deployment on Heroku.

Note: If you are reading this post I assume that you are familiar with Spring Boot application and Heroku.

In order to use bitbucket pipeline we need an bitbucket-pipelines.yml. So for Spring Boot application I used below settings for maven to run test on every push regardless of branches.

Note: Add bitbucket-pipelines.yml at root level of project.

image: maven:3.3.9

  depth: full

  - step:
        - maven
        - mvn clean test 

Now in order to deploy our application to Heroku you need to make a custom settings in pipeline. Refer custom settings

For $HEROKU_APP_NAME and $HEROKU_API_KEY refer deploy to heroku.

      - step:
         image: ruby:2.4.0
           - gem install dpl
           - dpl --provider=heroku --app=$HEROKU_APP_NAME --api-key=$HEROKU_API_KEY

dpl used inside the code block is a deployment provider by Travis CI which uses Ruby as base and also supports many providers. So image of ruby image: ruby:2.4.0 as has been added to execute the gem script.